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Whether you are buying a business or selling one, KNZ Brokers gets the job done.

Why? Because if our experience in packaging and marketing a wide variety of businesses has taught us anything, it’s this: we are most successful when we listen well, investigate thoroughly, and plan carefully.

You see, KNZ Brokers knows small business from the inside-out. The principals and officers of KNZ have all owned small businesses: restaurants, retail, service, consulting, franchises, and brokerages (when you’re spending your own money and gambling with your own reputation, the process of buying and selling a business comes into very sharp focus). We know the details that don’t show up on a financial statement: the pressures of making payroll, paying taxes, human resource issues, and dealing with government bureaucrats. We can help you because we have “been there and done that”.

KNZ can help business sellers:

  • Value and Price a business
  • Create an Exit Plan
  • Prepare your business for sale
  • Create and execute a marketing plan
  • Bring you a buyer

KNZ can help business buyers:

  • Help you find financing
  • Assist in negotiations and Due Diligence
  • Determine what business you’re best suited for
(you’ll be surprised at the results)

No one knows small business like KNZ. Let us show you how we can move you forward.