Purpose & Instructions

Owning a business is a serious commitment into which you will invest your time and your money. Once you have started a business, it’s often more difficult to “get out of it” than it was to “get into it”. Your employees will come to rely on their paychecks and your customers will come to rely on your products and services. Since many unhappy owners can’t just walk away, they stay and run a personally unsatisfying business.

Finding a business that fits your interests, skills, and aptitudes is of paramount importance if you are to be happy in your new life. Why not start out right by completing our business aptitude exercise? It’s free, and very revealing.

Your preferred activities, occupations, and skills will be organized into five groups that will suggest your strengths and weaknesses in planning, social skills, leadership, sales, and business processes.

Simply register for the exercise, and then check yes or no to each item. The program will total your score.




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