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About Us

KNZ Brokers was conceived with one goal in mind: to provide brokers and agents with the tools they need to compete in modern business brokerage and real estate. KNZ offers agents superior technology, cutting edge marketing programs and a generous compensation program. Such tools attract the best agents, who in turn are able to offer the best service, selection, and advice in the industry. Whether you are an agent or broker or buying/selling a home or a business, KNZ Brokers is uniquely positioned to move you forward.

Superior Technology

KNZ offers not just another amalgamation of pre-existing, out-dated third-party software. KNZ’s technology is proprietary; it was built from the ground up, by brokers and for brokers. KNZ offers Technology 2.0; technology that is continually updated and streamlined according to the needs of the agents who use the platform.

Cutting Edge Marketing Programs

KNZ is not constrained by the limits of conventional Multiple Listing Services. KNZ delivers listings to hundreds of high-traffic websites for maximum visibility. KNZ’s powerful search capacity pulls targeted listings from anywhere in the world to offer unparalleled home and business selection to buyers. And, the modern suite of one-click marketing tools saves agents time and money.

Unrivaled Support

KNZ agents earn competitive commissions, and enjoy all their website, blog, prospecting, listing and marketing tools provided to them. High commissions and low expenses mean that agents keep more of the money they earn.

KNZ Brokers: Our future is dedicated to helping you create your future.


Imran Ali President

Imran Ali

Imran Ali has 18+ years of business leadership experience. Imran has founded and owned technology solutions companies in Manhattan, New York with primary focus on fortune 500 clients in the Wall Street Area. His companies have designed, built, managed and maintained high speed trading and ATM networks & built software solutions for high profile clients like Ameritrade, Datek Online, Island ECN, Thompson Financials and many other major Wall Street banks. Imran is also a former restaurant chain owner who’s developed, operated, bought and sold franchises, gas stations, C-stores, restaurants, supermarkets and commercial real estate. Imran has personally bought, sold, owned and operated several national

franchises. Imran has first-hand experience of technology, retail, business brokerage, franchising and many other businesses.

KNZ Brokers is the outcome of Imran’s vast experience in software technology, business brokerage, commercial real estate and franchising. KNZ Brokers was created not just to sell businesses, but to provide value-added solutions for both businesses and brokers. KNZ’s small business products and broker tools enable brokers to build ongoing relationships with their clients as they build a residual income.